Basic Version oPOS – Online Installation




What’s included with this product are;

  1. Installation of oPOS software (Basic Version).
  2. Setup of oPos Software
  3. Setting company information
  4. Setting printer (for printer purchased from us)
  5. User Manual
  6. 30 minutes training


  1. Good and stable internet connection to your PC.
  2. Good PC with minimum Core2Duo processor with windows 7. Freshly installed windows is preferable to reduce any driver conflict.
  3. PC is installed with Anydesk
  4. Installation on tablet is possible only with windows tablet.

What we will do

  1. We will connect to your PC
  2. We will install oPOS basic Version and server to your PC.
  3. We will configure the oPOS to fit your need by setting your oPOS database, backup to your pc, automatic schedule backup, your company information in the receipt and logo in the receipt (you will need to design your logo before hand).
  4. Please make sure that you already install the receipt printer driver + cash drawer in the computer. We will support installation for receipt printer driver that was purchased from us. But please note that if you have previously installed receipt printer driver in your computer, it might have conflict with any other driver. So the best installation is to be done on a fresh PC.

Please note that this is not an android software. It can be installed in Linux and Mac but we mostly love it to run in windows 7 and 10.

What Basic Version Can Do?

  1. Sales transaction
  2. Close Sales
  3. Edit Sales for refund
  4. View 1 Sales Report
  5. Manager & Cashier Account only



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