Technical Support




Technical support is for us to help you with;

  1. Changing Company Information such as Company name, address and so on
  2. Changing logo (not including designing a logo)
  3. Fixing your database in case you deleted the category, products and supplier which we already told you not to do so in our documentation
  4. Restoring your good copy of backup
  5. Any other works that will require us to log into your computer to do the work

Please note that subscription price is subject to 8 hours working on fixing your problem. We will require you to purchase more technical support days if needed.

There will be no refund for technical support if we already start work but we found out that it only require operation support.

This support does not cover any programming or modification that needs to be done on the core of the software. Please contact us if you require programming or modification of the software through our contact form.

Note that the validity of this product is 1 day. Once purchased, we will contact you to set the time to do the work. The 1 day will start after we start working on fixing your problem.


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