Do you have a business or planning to open a business?

Opening a business is not an easy task.  From day 1 you open your business you will need to do a lot of thing such as manage your manpower, stock, sales, operation and so on. Your inability to manage your business properly will be a sign that your business will have a huge problem. So a proper planning is needed before you start. And one of the main formula in having a successful business is the control over your transaction and stock.

Tracking your business transaction will stabilize your growth.

Knowing your sales will give you a picture how to roll your money.

With the profit from your sales, you will be able to scale up and expand your busines

But how can you do this without a proper and proven tools for your business?

Unicenta oPos is A powerful commercial-grade open source Point Of Sale

Founded by the late Jack Gerrard (29 August 1953 – 23 December 2018) and is currently powered by Hugh and large Unicenta community, Unicenta oPos had become one of the best open source point of sales system that your business will need. It is a powerful tools especially when you want to keep track of your sales transaction, product stocks, reporting and even to manage your manpower.

With this commercial grade open source point of sale you no longer need to buy licensed point of sales software that is expensive and will keep bugging you to renew the license every year. 

Unicenta oPos came with unlimited category, unlimited product and unlimited transaction. Plus you can even have more than 30 types of reporting by using Unicenta oPos. Unicenta oPos also can be used without any internet connection. So you don’t need to worry about using the software when your connection is not stable.


More than

Countries uses oPos


Download Since 2010 with expected more than 70% active user


# 20
Most Popular POS 2017-2018 By Capterra

Simple User Interface

This simple and easy to use point of sales user interface will help a lot especially when your staff is not so good in using computer. We know that some business owner want an easy to use system so that it will be easy for them to learn.

Stock management

With Unicenta oPos you will be able to manage unlimited categories, unlimited products and unlimited stocks. 

12 stocks report is also prepared for you so that it will be easy to do stock tracking

Stock Management for Unicenta oPos
Keep track of sales with Unicenta oPos

Easy sales reporting

Sales report is prepared to make it easy for you to keep track of what had been sold. 15 types of report including sales profit report will be highly useful for you especially when you want to submit your income to Internal Revenue Board.

As an additional, there are 5 type of charts in Unicental oPos which will help you to graphically track your performance.

Suitable for Retail, Restaurant and other uses

Decide if you want a retail or restaurant interface. If you go for restaurant, decide how many tables you want and how you want to arrange them.

Unicenta oPos is also used for

Touch POS System

About Us

The Boxes is a registered enterprise providing installation and training services for Unicenta oPos and online point of sales system through our website and We are located in Malaysia and could provide training in both English and Malay language.

We also provide operation (non technical) support and technical support for those who are using Unicenta oPos. Operation support will cover from how to use Unicenta oPos and helping you to figure out the errors due to lack of understanding of using Unicenta oPos. As for technical support, this is intended to help you to do simple and possible modification on Unicenta oPos to suit your needs and also to do database fix (if needed).

We had been installing Unicenta oPos since 2015 with large number of customers around Malaysia. We also supply support for Unicenta oPos especially for our current customer and those who are interested to use Unicenta oPOS

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